Thursday, September 30, 2010

charlottes web connections

In the book Charlotte's web I noticed the there is a web of connections letting the main characters survive and how without each other life would be a difficult existence.   
      One attachment to this web is Wilbur and Templeton. Many little children may remember when Templeton said " Why should worry let him die"(p.90). That's when Charlotte pointed out that his Wilbur's food is going to the grave with Wilbur, and pointed out how much Templeton loves Wilbur's left overs. That's when Templeton stood up and said to the dump (in my head). Templeton is only interested in food and if Wilbur alive equals food Wilbur must stay alive.
       One of the most obvious connections in the book is Charlotte and Wilbur. The entire book is how Charlotte is helping Wilbur survive by writing letters in her web describing Wilbur, but Wilbur helps Charlotte survive by attracting flies with his manure pile and his trough. of course with out Wilbur she would still  stay alive but Wilbur is helping the wait for that unlucky fly to fly by a little easier. life without each other would be a a hard existence.
       survival is about having some body to help you and to keep you alive. But if you are alone penned up with no one around your doomed to death or a very lonely existence.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

skin jacker trilogy

you must read the skin jacker trilogy all i can say right now i'llexplain more on friday

chocolate books

chocolate books is about the books i read and my entry about them and nver stray from this page because i'll have my ups and downs and you really wanna see my ups (don't look at my downs)

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