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Thursday, October 14, 2010

       Bridge to Teribithia one of many national childhood favorites. It was made into a movie in 2008 amd that was the last we heard of the magical in the woods. But now i am ready to bring the classic back to life. And to acomplish such a feat that imust explain Jess's life. Jess's family wasn't the richest family on the block. He never had the best toys never really was that popular and wasn't exacly the best student thatt walked the earth, but he did dreams like every other child he had ambitions.
        Now on Leslies life back round info wasn't that easy to understand but if you payed close attention you would notice she is the complete oppisite than Jesse no siblings, midlle class family (richer han Jesse) she was even the fastest runner in the fifth grade. she was eveything Jess wanted to be and yet she needed to use her imagination to satisfy her.
       I belive that Jess goes to Terabithia to escape his problems like an un-supportive father and am mother who just shrugs everything off and now I believe Leslie goes to the magical place just to have fun and to make up being an only child.
       Adults may never know what we kids suffer.

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