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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

global warming

Global warming is an issue that not many people are taking it to seriously. Many people believe that global warming is a myth, an urban legend like big foot or the loch ness monster. But it is true, scientist have proven that it is happening and at a fast pace.

Scientist have also proven that most of it is due to human pollution according to the IPCC. It is true that the earth many times before heated up and cooled down (experienced climate change), but not such as fast as this one. It usually takes a couple centuries, but this one is taking only 1 century or less.

The place feeling the heat of global warming is the Artic (Alaska, parts of Canada, and eastern Russia), glaciers are melting, native tribes and polar bears are losing homes.

Not just land is suffering the climate change, the ocean is suffering greatly. Many of the ocean’s wild life and coral reefs diminishing. Coral reefs die in the slightest change of temperature. There are also fish that are extremely sensitive to climate change

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  1. You organized your ideas well and focused on one main idea. Include links to the sources you incorporated.


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